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Parents and caregivers of pediatric patients should register with their information as users of the service and submit medical reports and date of birth information for the pediatric patient under Upload Medical Information section after logging into their profile.

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Experts from Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) and National Cancer Grid (NCG) review your medical reports and provide an opinion on the best treatment option for your case.

Step One: Submit your medical reports

Please register and then upload scanned copies or images of your medical reports. You can also email your reports to reports@navya.care. Processing fee of Rs. 8500.00/- for patients residing in India and $ 150.00 for international patients is due at this time. Pediatric patients at govt NCG centers receive subsidized opinion at Rs. 1500/-. Fee for Experts from Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid will review a summary of your reports and provide an opinion on the current or relevant treatment decision point.
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Step Two: Review by experts

Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid's world renowned oncologists who are experts in your type of cancer (breast cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer etc.) and specialize in the type of treatments you need like surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, will collectively review and provide a personalized opinion for you.
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Step Three: Collect your expert opinion report

The expert opinion provided to you includes the next steps in your treatment plan that is most suitable for you and is based on years of experience and proven results of clinical trials as they apply to you. You should discuss this with your family and treating oncologist and decide which way you want to proceed with your treatment.
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"The report from Navya was detailed and presented a single consensus treatment opinion. A clinical trial was also considered which gave us the peace of mind that no stone was left unturned."

Caregiver using TMC NCG Online - Navya Expert Opinion Service

"In our town, we were not able to get a junior doctor to see the patient without a one week wait time. Navya was able to get the case reviewed by three senior oncologists, all within 24 hours."

Caregiver using TMC NCG Online - Navya Expert Opinion Service

Dr CS Pramesh on Navya expert opinion service

Dr Tushar Vora on the importance of the first treatment being accurate

Mriduchanda shares her experience with Navya expert opinion service
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